Angel Moms was started on January 16, 2001. It branched off from a small private group of moms who had connected and formed an e-mail group. When other moms found out about the group, they wanted to join. In order to keep the small group private, Judi formed this Angel Moms group with the help of Debbie and Linda.

Angel Moms has brought together so many moms who share the same pain so that we can survive it together. Nothing can take away the pain of losing a child, but being able to share it with others who know and understand your pain helps a lot. And having other moms who have walked this road of grief longer to care, support and lead the way is an awesome thing. Angel Moms come from all walks of life, have lost children of all ages, to different causes and are at different stages of grief, but we all share the same pain, our pain and loss has bonded us together........

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One of the ways we support each other is through our e-mail group. Our members chat daily through the group, sharing tears and laughter, supporting each other.
You can get more information on it here:
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