Causes of Death

Automobile Accident

Melissa Noelle Hanson - Mom: Loni W.

Shane Ellis - Mom: Dana E.

Virginia "Ginni" Creasey - Mom: Crystal C.

Melissa Barrowclough - Mom: Deb B.

Nicole "Niki" Lynn Gardner - Mom: Sue M.

David Jeff Beck (killed when his friend backed out of driveway without realizing that my son was still sitting on the hood of the car, as he backed out it knocked my son off and when he pulled forward he ran over him, dragging my son under the car for several feet.) Mom: Carole D.

Greg Watts - Mom: Eileen O.

Vaughn M. Seville - Mom: Connie

Vydell R. Yellowrobe - Mom: Rhoda G.

Tiffany Wilson - Mom: Holly W.

Douglas Krause - Mom: Dora K.

Nathan Edward - Mom: Tina S.

Lori DiBello - Mom: Lori C.

Lindsey Anne Hendrix (DUI Accident) Mom: Renee B.

Derek S. Thibodeau - Mom: Laurie T.

Anthony Georgiadis - Mom: Veronica G.

Felicia Lynette Mabray - Mom: Robin R.

Jordan Michael Draper (Car/bus) Mom: Dina D.

Mia Balentine - Mom: Kathleen B.

Jamie Lynn Daniel Brown - Mom: Ginny D.

Little Larry - Mom: Susan H.

James Micheal - Mom: Karen K.

Joshua Ryan Ford - Mom: Tracey S.

Jennifer Michelle Stanko - Mom: Laura G.

Jason Whit Troller - Mom: Mary S.

Joseph Dean Dourdis (massive head trama, DWI) - Mom: Diane D.

Travis Sluss (He was working with a friend for one week (going into marines) and the asphalt truck they were in was heading down a mountain and lost its brakes and my son was killed instantly. He was crushed to death) - Mom: Connie S.

Michelle Marcel - (Massive head injuries) Mom: Liz N.

Sherry Abraham - Mom: Kim A.

Christopher Charles McCaleb - Mom: Cindy M.

Kenny Wayne Cline, Jr. - Mom: Stellie C.

Cynthia "Cyndy" Marie Bohrn - Mom: Linda B.

Jason Lloyd Porter - Mom: Claudette P.

Sara Caroline Gaffney - Mom: Judy G.

Thomas A. Wintz, III - (Drunk Driver/ Car Accident) Mom: Cindy S.

Nicholas Michael - (Hit and Run, drunk driver-while serving in the Navy on the Island of Guam) Mom: Linda M.

Robert Michael Burton - Mom: Jaynee M.

Jenell Renee' Spaich - Mom: Sherry S.

Jordan Eva - Mom: Yevette B.

Duvien Heyne - Mom: Dolly H.

Lesa Maree Myers - (Train/vehicle collision) Mom: Violet M.

Tyler McAdam - (High speed car accident) Mom: Kathy M.

Michele Lenore Iannacchino - (Auto hit and run) Mom: Catherine W.

Jared Michael Gordon - Mom: Gina G.

Rob - Mom: Gladys P.

Tabitha Jade Downey - Mom: Timi D.

Dustin Sean Pion - (Head injuries due to car accident) Mom: Nancy P.

Kenny Wayne Cline, Jr. - Mom: Stellie C.

Nicholas A. Vella - (Blunt chest trauma from accident in his truck)Mom: Angela J.

Chad Everett Behr - (Severe head trauma due to an automobile accident)Mom: Darlene B.

Richard Lee Bishop - Mom: Edna B.

Robert Thomas Ching "Bobby" - Mom: Linda M.

Edwin M. Velez "Pug" (Multi-blunt trama) - Mom: Michelle V.

Mel Bjorg Easter - Mom: Charmain E.

Jerad Kelley-Brown - Mom: Rosa B.

Stephanie Jean Drinnon (Phillips)-(She was hit head on by a man doing excessive speed and drinking)- Mom: Becky S.

Theron "Keoki" Nicodemus -(Hit and Run/head injury)- Mom: Eydie M.

Robert "Bubba" Dean Tatum -(accident caused by tire blowout, not his tire)- Mom: Linda T.

Nathan Edward Mummert - Mom: Tina S.

Patrick Joseph Little - Mom: Shirley L.

Lee - Mom: Michelle

William Harvey "Beau" Cox, II - Mom: Beverly C.

Robert Edmond Allen Gartrell "Robbie" (Train/van Accident) - Mom: Christy G.

Jesus Gutierrez Jr. (Injuries caused by a car accident) - Mom: Marilyn G.

Stacie Jo Brown - Mom: Sandy B.

Tyler Williams Powell - Mom: Lois P.

Steven Dale Walker - Mom: Marie W.

Jodi Elizabeth Smith - Mom: Pat S.

Amber Rose Dickey - Mom: Roberta D.

Jessica - Mom: Janai

Jeremy Scott - Mom: Donna H.

Jeffery R. "Jeff" Stevens Jr - Mom: Donna P.

Raford James Felts - Mom: Cherie S.

Lacy Ejae Edwards - (killed by a irresponsible seventeen year old, speeding 74+miles per hour. Killed instantly when they topped a hill she was the passenger and hit a dead tree) Mom: Vicki

Corey R. Shaw - Mom: Kathi S.

John Charles Paterson, Jr. "Johnny/Scooter" - Mom: Traci P.

Joseph Sorenson - Mom: Lynda S.

Lindsey Renea Ogle - (One Vehicle Wreck; Lindsey's truck went off the road and we think she over corrected and hit a railroad crossing arm which broke and landed down the middle of her truck. She was thrown from the truck, multiple head injuries along with multiple internal injuries.) Mom: Donna O.

Gregory Allen Lewis - Mom: Michelle L.
Dewitt Clay Biles - Mom: Kathleen

Scott - Mom: Pam H.

Jodi Smith - (Ran off the edge of the road, when she pulled back onto the pavement, Jodi hit a mailbox, which crushed her wind pipe, she died instantly) Mom: Pat S.

Jessica Lynne Wacker - (Traumatic Brain Injury, result of hit-and-run, 4 1/2 months Coma/Persistent Vegetative State) Mom: Monica J.

Brian & Timothy Parker - Mom: Pat P.

Jarred - Mom: Karen A.

Gregory - Mom: Marie H.

Brendan Carr - Mom: Colleen C.

Courtney Elizabeth DeShea McLean (Auto/fire) Mom: Amber K.

Keenan Christopher Casas (Hit and run truck accident) Mom: Pamela L.

Julie Elayne Jackson Richardson (killed in a head-on collision by a young man going the wrong way on the highway driving under the influence of illegal drugs who also died in the crash) Mom: Jeanne J.

Michael D. Carico II (Killed by a girl that ran a red light) Mom: Carol C.

Josh (Jeep wreck) Mom: Martha T.

Gabrielle Mom: Joann

Paul Mom: Cathie

Paul Shane Brough Mom: Theresa B.

Daniel Anthony Marcum, II Mom: Loretta M.

Stephen Wesley Jenkins (massive head injury) Mom: Melinda J.

Tammy Lynn Lucas Allen (car accident on her way to work. Teen driver, driving was to fast weaving in and out of traffic passing. Truck in front of her so she didn't see it coming when the truck moved and the teen hit her head on.) Mom: Janyce L.

Tracy Donna Christopherson (trauma from one car rollover) Mom: Donna C.

Jeremiah Barlow - Mom: Lori R.

Shaun William Summerville (Hit and run driver) Mom: Robin F.

Brent (auto crash/ explosion) Mom: Jill W.

Bradley Taylor Thornton - Mom: Kris T.

Eric Barlament - Mom: Penny M.

Jacob Michael - Mom: Tricia

Mashanda Nicole Taylor - Mom: Michele

Sarah Elizabeth - Mom: Sue

William S. Carney "Billy" (Blunt force trauma) Mom: Suzanne M.

Ralph De Jesus " Pito" - Mom: Sandra L.

Melissa Ann (Hit head on by a boy she used to go to school with.....he was going 85 in a 40) Mom: Dotty S.

James MIchael "Jimmy" Dickerson Mom: Beth D.

Michelle Mom: Shelly M.

Janalynn Solomon Mom: Janelle S.

Stanley & Andrew Maestas (Seperate car accidents at different times) Mom: Florence M.

Sarah Elizabeth Wintz - Mom: Sue W.

Jason Ramirez - Mom: Deanna F.

Sara - Mom: Sherri C.

Heidi S. Unruh - Mom: Sandy U.

Brian Lee Oshel - Mom: Bambi O.

John - Mom: Amanda D.

Amanda Jacqueline - Mom: Cecile

Bryan Christopher Plunkett - Mom: Sandi R.

Brenda Shay Miller - Fair - Mom: Sherri M.

Robert McIntosh (auto accident, ruled suicide) Mom: Kat M.

Amy Marie Freeman (car accident caused by low boy trailer) Mom: Monica F.

Dawn J. Moen (Motor vehicle accident) Mom: Deb D.

Rebecca Otts (One car accident, she fell asleep at the wheel) Mom: Lavenia O.

Bryan Yasenosky Mom: Lorraine Y.

Chad Henry Jenkins (Vehicle accident - The cause was blunt force trauma.) Mom: Jan J.

John Charles Paterson Jr. & Father John Charles Paterson Sr. (Father and son killed in a semi-truck accident) Mom & wife: Traci P.

Peter Hewett Mom: Lisa D.

Brandon Curtis Morton (He was fatally injured when his car was hit by a semi truck) Mom: Sue S.

Michael Mack Dumas (Died instantly in a motorcycle ) Mom: Pam D.

Amanda Jacqueline (Amanda was stopped on the side of the road. She made a U-turn not seeing oncoming traffic. She swerved and lost control of the car, crashing into a tree. She had massive head injuries, and died a few hours later.) Mom: Cecile

Shawn Michael Stone - Mom: Barbara S.

Natalie - Mom: Monique H.

April (Speed and drunk driving involved(not her)) Mom: Alice

Gabrial - Mom: Lynn

Danielle - Mom: Christie

Andrew James Dobbins a.k.a. "Andy" or "Dobbs" (He was killed in a one car accident--his car left the road for reasons unknown) Mom: Nancy D.

Diane Michele Wade Buonanduci (Killed instantly in car accident when a woman crossed center line) Mom: Diane C.

Jeff Bales - Mom: Susy B.

LeighAnne Antonia & Tiffani Marie Durazo - Mom: Karine W-D.

Adam Craig Hill (Truck accident) Mom: Melody H.

Matthew - Mom: Theresa W.

Gemma Louise Ling (Head Injury from car crash) Mom: Shirley L.

Christopher Michael Dore (car crash) Mom: Sheila F-B.

Kurtis R. Cleaver - Mom: Susan S.

Matthew (Drunk driver hit us) Mom: Angela

Chantell Ericka Buckner (Drunk driver hit and run) Mom: Bridgette B-G.

Ayrton - Mom: Ashlie

Michael John Donald Burrows - Mom: Gail B.

Christopher Gonzales - Mom: Brooke C.

Gregory D. Hennigar - Mom: Marie H.

Marla Rayanne Ellis (Car/truck accident) Mom: Patricia E.

Shawn Wade Thomason - Mom: Charlane Z.

Christopher Eric Scott-Airman First Class - Mom: Wendi O.

Andrya Lianne Hobbs (Hit by semi-truck) - Mom: Theresa H.

Laci Kae Washburn - Mom: Anne H.

Bob - Mom: Amy H.

Joshua Johnson - Mom: Vickie J.

Stephanie McCoy "Steph" - Mom: Debbie M.

Trey Hodges - Mom: Carolyn H.

Andrea Rae Jenkins "Andi Rae" - (blunt head and chest trauma from car accident) Mom: Sheila J.

Paul Chambers - Mom: Agnes C.

Trevor - (Multiple trama, car crash, burned) Mom: Cherylann T.

Shawn Wade Thomason - (Killed instantly when hit by other driver going 110mph, in no passing zone, Shawn was turning when he was hit took 250 ft. from impact.) Mom: Charlane T.

Michael Wayne Griffith Jr. - Mom: Judy B.

Erika Kai Nogle - (A suspicious auto incident) Mom: Debbie N.

Ashley - Mom: Deanna W.

Kevin Foster Gilmore - (Killed instantly when a truck went through red light and crushed his car) Mom: Janice G.

Solomon Lee Bellinger - Mom: Sherri B.

Josiah Andrew Burns - (car accident, killed by semi truck) Mom: Kim L.

Jeff - Mom: Shelly

Ashley Wexler - (Not wearing her seatbelt, in backseat of car her friend was driving) Mom: Deanna

Julia Katherine - Mom: Ann W.

Christopher James Welch (Head-on car crash, died instantly) - Mom: Maryrose W.

Kenneth Lanier Akins III - Mom: Sheila A.

Brandi Larson - Mom: Kim O.

Jeremiah Barlow (His car hit a patch of "black ice," and hit a tree. Jeremiah died instantly at the scene of head injuries) - Mom: Lori R.

Malorie Anne (Car accident) - Mom: Natalie

Brantley Isaiah Elmore - (Car accident, Dawn's husband also died in the accident too) Mom: Dawn E.

Corrina Jennell Parslow - Mom: Michelle D.

Roxanne Meiring - (Motor vehicle accident-drunk driver) Mom: Sandy M.

Elizabeth Mayol - Mom: Lorie M.

Matt Neal - Mom: Erma W.

Andy Canterbury - Mom: Dee C.

Marcus Melendez - (Blunt head trauma from vehicle accident) Mom: Angie M.

Brandon Ackerman - Mom: Kathy A.

Anthony Cox - (Severe head trauma~ vehichle accident) Mom: Carol C.

Josh T. Schmidt - Mom: Deb W.

Samantha Beaudette - Mom: Sharon A.

Kira Kenady - Mom: Bobbette E.

Chad David Bivens - (Motor vehicle accident while street racing) Mom: Kelly N.

Charissa Smith - Mom: Cindy S.

Michael Paul Smith - Mom: Brenda S.

Derek James Geibe - (Killed after hitting a snowplow in Auburn, Ia while visiting his father. Derek died from trama to the head and neck injury Probale Cause ---Transected Aorta) Mom: Brenda D.

Tyson Wilkes - (blunt force trauma, he was crushed as a passenger by another car driven by a man who was intoxicated) Mom: Lori W.

Daniel "Bud" Miller - (Blunt force trauma of the chest, due to head on collison) Mom: Donna H.

William C. Barraza (Blunt Force Head Trauma) he was the passanger in a roll over accident.) Mom: Denise B.

Monica Bagwell - Mom: Loulou B.

Austin Baker - Mom: Angie B.

Steven Lee Rynolds (He coming home from college he was broadsided by a semi truck, pushed into 10 cars waiting at the traffic light and was the only one killed.) Mom: Cathy R.

Timbo (Blunt force trauma) Mom: Karen M.

Michael Morris - Mom: Janice M.

Blake Young - (Trauma/head injuries) Mom: Laura M.

Brittany Luther - (She dodged a dear coming home from work, locked her brakes down twice and lost control, crossed a ditch and slid into a utilty pole) Mom: Frances L.

Paul Ondrish - (Blunt head trauma) Mom: Mindy C.

Tenishia Tucker - Mom: Zenovia H.

Theresa Lynn Ludlam - (She was riding in a SUV that flipped 6 times, 1/2 way ejected broke her back and had massive head injuries) Mom: Barbara L.

Corey Christopher James and wife Michelle - (Car accident) Mom: Donna

Jamie Martinez - (He was alone, no one else was involved) Mom: Naomi G.

Michelle Zacarias - Mom: Maria Z.

Rodger Douglas Winn - Mom: Kay C.

Angelica Hatchell - Mom: Tammy H-W.

Ashley Nicole McKinley - Mom: Cindy M.

Rex Daniel "Danny" Judd - Mom: Beth J.

Zacheriah Lee Reeves (Truck accident) - Mom: Vickie R.

Jason Holden (Killed by a drunk driver) - Mom: Dottie M.

Scott Bishop - Mom: Donna B.

Rachel Hicks (Head injury due to a car accident) - Mom: LaDonna H.

Megan Marie Baker - Mom: Mary Lynn B.

Zoe North - (I lost her when I was in an accident when I was almost 8 months pregant) Mom: Brandy N.

Julie Renee Britt - (Hit head on by drunk driver) Mom: Maxine E.

Enoch James Britt "Jamie" - (Rainy day had blow out went off road and over corrected and hit a tree) Mom: Maxine E.

Jamie Dawn Grinolds - (Two car accident, both drivers were killed) Mom: Renee G.

Jodian Aileen Archer - Mom: Jacqueline A.

Julia Katherine - (Car Accident one week before her high school graduation) Mom: Ann W.

Jamie Marie Prosser - Mom: Troi P.

David Scott Schaefer - (Car/mailbox accident) Mom: Carol

Brendalee Dafoe - Mom: Debbie D.

Ronnie Lynn Thompson - (Driver fell asleep at the wheel, my son, passenger was killed on impact) Mom: Lorri H.

Kristin Gillis - (Closed head injury from a car wreck) Mom: Gail M.

Dawn Marie Walden - Mom: Linda W.

David Ivy II "Bubba" - (Car wreck, he was a passenger) Mom: Barbara I.

Austin Baker - Mom: Angie B.

Dustin Huntley - Mom: Brenda L.

Craig Bresson - Mom: Donna C.

Christopher Harmon - Mom: Karin B.

Josh Zeiber - Mom: Denise S.

Jay Callen - Mom: Sandy C.

Todd Mennen - Mom: Annette B.

Amy Lauren Robayo - Mom: Patricia M.

Gina Griffin and Marcella Harvell - (victims of drunken drivers) Mom: Ruth C.

James Fredrick "Freddy" Brown II - (Murdered by a drunk driver) Mom: Pam B.

Damien & Angel Noyes - Mom: Reyna C.

Timothy Scaggs (Cardiac arrest due to injuries in an automoblie accident) - Mom: Teresa S.

Matthew Dolling (Killed instantly when he drove into a quarry truck that was coming towards him on the wrong side of the road in a curve) - Mom: Lyn C.

Jeremy Gadbois - Mom: Laurie G.

Laura Kathleen "Katey" Winfrey - (Car accident due to a drunk driver) - Mom: Mona L.

Kira Lyn Kenady - Mom: Bobbette

Chase Wyatt Quine - (In a truck rollover after a fight with his girlfriend) - Mom: Carolyn Q.

Julia Katherine Warych - Mom: Ann W.

Teara Hagood - Mom: Kellie D.

Joshua Miller - Mom: Mary M.

Allen Bauders - (was killed in a single car crash. He died instantly) - Mom: Lois B.

Luke Arthur Carl Cafun - Mom: Dawn E.

Isabelle - (Died from severe head trauma due to car accident involving a semi) Mom: Sabrina S.

Caleb Mathison - (Car accident) Mom: Tanya M.

Blaire Molina - (Car accident) Mom: Gloria B.

Other Accidents

Ricky Lee Harris (Fell 30 feet through a roof) Mom: Joanie H.

Richard Lee Smith (Motorcycle/head injuries) Mom: Ellie B.

Shelley Marie Beasley (Accidental gunshot) Mom: Peggy M.

David White (Hit by a drunk driver) Mom: Gina W.

Jason Linkins (Accidental hanging) Mom: Dianna B.

Andrew Whiteman (Motorcycle accident) Mom: Beverly H.

Paul Woyame (Hunting accident) Mom: Debra W.

Billy Smith (Motorcycle/SUV accident) Mom: Denise S.

Derek Lee (Choking) Mom: Amie T.

Jayse Ryan Hughes (Accidental gunshot) Mom: Amanda H.

David Aldan Harmon (Accidental overdose of Rx drugs) Mom: Joyanne F.

Tyler Cunningham (Hanging - from his bunkbeds) Mom: Kathleen C. "Charlie"

Shane Whalen (Accidental drug overdose) Mom: Sandy W.

Braxton Perry Everett (Hit by a car) Mom: Jill R.

Jason Christopher Dunn (Accidental gunshot) Mom: Susie D.

Diamond Natasha (Severe internal head trauma) Mom: Laura T.

Jamie (Hit by speeding motorvehicle) Mom: Sheilah W.

Kat (Hit by a train) Mom: Robin T.

Richard "Richie" Wayne Shunkwiler (Run over on his bicycle) Mom: Chris S.

Richard Ashley Parker, III "Ashley" (Accidental drug overdose) Mom: Eileen P.

Jill Volkmann (Sledding down a hill in the park and hit a tree) Mom: Chris V.

Dino Michael Rudolph (Electrocuted while helping a friend with a water leak in a basement) Mom: Michele

Caleb Pinto (Trauma to the head due to falling out of the window) Mom: Marie P.

Jason James Drass (Construction accident, ran over bye a trackor trailer from his feet to his head crushed the entire length of his body) Mom: Brenda B.

Joshua Henry Peter Kroeker (A motorcyle ran him over.When he was riding his pedal bike) Mom: Velvet S.

Ryan David Jozwiak (Accidental gunshot) Mom: Lenee J.

Charles Ray Shaw III (Boating Accident) Mom: Valerie

Andrew J. Boyd "A.J." (Motorcycle Accident) Mom: Lynne W.

Bobby "Bob" Richard Welch, Jr. (Motorcycle/car) Mom: Sharon W.

Carrie Ruth Fullerton (River tubing accident) Mom: Carol F.

Dustin Fitzer (Boating accident) Mom: Irene F.

Jason Joe Monarrez (Accidental gunshot) Mom: Prescilla M.

Mikayla Michelle Cain (Accidental hanging from her window curtain cord) Mom: Brandy C.

Albert C. Lawrence Jr. "A.C." (Motorcycle Accident, closed head injury) Mom: Peggy D.

Christin Cosby (Auto/Pedestrian - Head and chest injuries- Trying to save her dog who had been hit by a car. As she was kneeling by his side and trying to wave cars around him, a truck hit her) Mom: Lulie C.

Dale Lloyd Clark (Accidental strangulation) Mom: Rena C.

Zachary Paul Ogilvie (Accidental fall) Mom: Marcie O.

Dalton William Knauss (Accidental hanging) Mom: Marilyn

Derek (Shot by best friend) Mom: Mary

Cruz (Injuries sustained from horse riding accident) Mom: Tracey P.

Dustin (Killed by a train) Mom: Laurie H.

Dustin (accident on ATV caused head injury and instant death) Mom: Wendy H.

David (accident on ATV) Mom: Pat

John William Parker "J.W." (Blunt force tramua, he was hit by a car) Mom: Tina P.

Andrew Paul Pasche (Hit by a car) Mom: Kim J.

Cade Dawson Wright (Severe head injuries, he was backed over by a car while getting his snowcone) Mom: Lisa W.

Alex (Massive head and abdominal trauma, run over by car) Mom: Jacki

Keegan William DeVaney (Hit by car) Mom: Trish D.

Timothy Adam Hollingsworth "Speedy" (Blunt force trauma from 150 ft. fall from radio tower) Mom: Judy H.

Kevin Bogert (Gunshot wound to head) Mom: Gloria B.

Cody James Leimer (snowmobile accident) Mom: Jill L.

Joshua Harless (accidental shooting) Mom: Laura H.

Jason McDonald (4 wheeler accident) Mom: Shirley M.

Darryl Gene Roark Jr. (Hit by a car crossing the road) Mom: Elizabeth R.

Kyla Wilson (Accidental fall from a hayrack, ran over by the wheels, died of massive head and chest injuries) Mom: Evie L.

Ethan Root (Accidental hanging) Mom: Stacey R.

Jonathan "JT" Thomas Tullos (Accidental shooting) Mom: Lorie T.

Nicole Jimenez (farm accident(stangulation)) Mom: Lorrie D.

Cody Hughes (4 wheeler accident) Mom: Wendy W.

Craig (Backed over by truck, head and chest trauma) Mom: Lisa R.

Braxton Perry Everett (Hit by a car while fishing) Mom: Jill R.

Dillon Benjamin Butler (Hit by a car) Mom: Linda V.

Joshua Farrar (Motorcycle accident) Mom: Sharon F.

Samantha Eveline Carlson (Lacerated liver from riding accident) Mom: Maureen C.

Emily Jayne McDowell (Trauma/head injuriy) Mom: Rebecca M.

Isaac Michael Wright (Hit by a speeding driver) Mom: Shonie Y.

Braydon Jay Ryan (Fatal head injury) Mom: Ana-Isabel D.

"TJ" Jerry James Fussell III (4 Wheeler accident) Mom: Kelly

Emily (Bike-Car accident) Mom: Rene

Zachariah Howard Tierson (Accidental shooting) Mom: Ann T.

Emily (Bike-Car accident) Mom: Rene

Jaedyn Hellene Hofferberth (Blunt force trama to her head after being struck by a vehicle) Mom: Christina F.

Connor (Bassinet collapsed at a home daycare) Mom: Jodie B.

Jett Garner (Accidental gunshot) Mom: Alison G.

Eugene W. Ezzell III (Crushed by his car) Mom: Cynthia E.

Cory Masch (Motorcycle accident) Mom: Kathy M.

Edward L. Jordan Jr. (lost control of his motorcycle and was killed instantly on the highway) - Mom: Carol Ann J.
Julius Gerald Johnson (Tragic fall from a 7th story window) - Mom: Melissa J.

Juliette Olivia Wright (Father ran over her in driveway) - Mom: Carrie W.

Jordyn Makayla Vaughn (She was fatally injured by a vehicle at our home) - Mom: Rebecca V.

Colin Daniel Johnston (ATV accident) - Mom: Pamela J.

Becky Lynn Genest (Becky was killed by massive head trauma while walking on the side walk when a drunk driver ran a red light, hit another car and spun out of control) - Mom: Lisa G.

Corey Dean Face Mire (Hit by car while riding his bicycle) - Mom: Donna F.

Garion Tyler Hight (ATV accident) - Mom: Lynda H.

David Lucas Martin (Accidental gunshot) - Mom: Sheri M.

Andrew (Hit by car) - Mom: Tami B.

Gabriel James Burns - (took tranquilizer to calm down w/o knowing he had an enlarged heart and it killed him) Mom: Kim L.

Charles Jr. - (Work related injury) Mom: Vicky N.

Jacob Ryan Castro - (Hit by a drunk driver) Mom: Terry C.

Paul - (Single motorcycle accident) Mom: Donna

Brandon Scott Pippenger - (Died at age 13 as a result of being run over by his school bus and in full view of his mother) Mom: Patty P.

Angel Ali Meyer - (Crossing the street and hit by drunk driver who fled the scene) Mom: Val M.

Mazzy Kaya Williams - (Got caught up in a cord in a closet at a house we were visiting for Thanksgiving. Still not sure how she got caught up and air supply cut off.) Mom: Selina F-W.

Austin Gains - (Motorcycle accident) Mom: Pam F.

Shelby Lynn Sedgwick - (She was accidentally run over by my best friend (who I still adore)) Mom: BranDee S.

Richard Faber - (He was run off the road while riding his motorcycle) Mom: Melinda F.

Colin Daniel Johnston - (ATV - John Deer Gator/mule rolled over on him and he passed instantly) Mom: Pam J.

Quinntin Albert Jason Crosswell - (Aphyxiation due to aspheration of stomach contents-accidental) Mom: Tanya

Georgie Alexander Husser - (Fell out of a moving car) Mom: Patricia H.

Stephanie Shannon - (Accidental strangulation) Mom: Greer S.

Galen Wayne Masterson - (Galen was hit and killed by a truck on his way to school we he crossed a busy Interstate. I am not sure why he did this but he did there was no need for him to cross this Hwy) Mom: Jackie M.

Ali - (Hit by drunk driver while crossing the street. She lived for one and a half years unable to talk, move or eat, she passed away in her sleep from traumatic brain injury she suffered from when hit by the drunk driver) Mom: Valerie M.

Shanna R. Daugherty - (Accidental gunshot wound) Mom: Beverly D.

Ellie Ryan - (Accidental fall from ambulance) Mom: Becky R.

Heidi Reed - (Hit by train) Mom: Judy R.

Eric Ray Reeves - (Hit & run semi ..Eric was walking on highway early in the a.m.. Peterbilt truck hit him but accident was NEVER REPORTED) Mom: Ann R.

Tevin Kreitz - (Tragic accident) Mom: Kim S.

Larry H. Benis "Bubba" - (Accidental drug overdose) Mom: Bonnie B.

Paige Johnson - (Paige was hit by a car but the hospital ignored her cries for help about her head. She died of a brain bleed that the hospital ignored) Mom: Trish S.

Darien Wilson - (Accidental drug over dose) Mom: Sidney W.

Drew Curtis Sloan - (ATV accident) Mom: Debra S.

Michelle Zacarias - (She parked her car and crossed the street, when this old man, apparentely drunk and under a lot of medication, did not see her and struck her, she was declared brain dead two days later) Mom: Maria Z.

Deborah Sabroski-Fanean - (Accidental drug over dose) Mom: Carol P.

Marcus Allen - (Motorcycle accident) Mom: Julie A.

Dylan Raymond - (ATV accident) Mom: Wendy R.

Geno Setler - (75 foot fall while hiking) Mom: Felecia S.

Barry L. Geesey - (Airway choking/choked on beef jerky) Mom: Tina G.

Johnathan Nelson - (Killed in front of my house by a school bus driver who lost control of her bus and hit him and killed him instantly) Mom: Cheryl N.

Brandon Lee Bricker - (ATV Accident) Mom: Janeane B.

Cameron Paul Curry - (Killed in a tragic accident while being babysat at my sister's house and while not being watched as he should of been, he got outside and went under my nephew's truck and as my nephew left the driveway he ran him over crushing his master brain stem. He died 23 hours later) Mom: Pam C.

Jamie Meredith - (Hit by a train) Mom: Julia H.

Demetreius "Meatball" Walker - (Accidently shot by brother) Mom: Jennifer M-H.

Amanda Wehn - (Hit in driveway by my friend's husband) Mom: Michelle W.

Scott Chapman - (Crushing chest injury from brickwall falling onto him) Mom: Debbie C.

Katelee Hart - (Hit by a car trying to save a puppy) Mom: Vonda H.

Crystal Lynn Marie Teixeira - (Suffocation due to a car on top of her) Mom: AnneMarie T.

Christopher Marshall Ticker - (Vehicle/bicycle accident) Mom: Kathryn T.

Tristan Ross - (Head trauma from accident) Mom: Letitia R.

Steven Fulk - (Hit by train) Mom: Verna S.

Tyler Richardson - (Freak accident at baby sitters) Mom: Ann R.

Lydia Harner - (She fell out the car window and was run over by my car. She had blunt trama to the head) Mom: Verna H.

Brian Thomas Phillips - (Motorcycle accident) Mom: Cyndie P.

Matthew Paul Gavronsky - (He died as the result of a van/bicycle accident. He rode his bike through a stop sign and was hit by a van.) Mom: Fern G.

Paul Martin Woyame - (Hunting accident) Mom: Debra W.

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